11 Creative Ways To Use Magazine Holders In Every Room Of The House

11 Creative Ways To Use Magazine Holders In Every Room Of The House

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Here is what you’ll need!

Add additional storage to a small kitchen by hanging a tiered rack on the wall or on the side of a cabinet. It is the perfect fit for fresh produce, spices, and baking papers and foils.
Use a smaller hanging tiered rack as a baking tray organizer. The thin openings are the perfect measurement for muffin tins!
A sitting tiered rack perfectly holds pot lids and utensils to add organization to your cluttered kitchen cupboards.

4. A classic sitting one-tiered magazine rack is the perfect answer to your unorganized entryway. Use it to store loose shoes and umbrellas.
5. A one-tiered magazine rack also makes a great mail holder. It can also be mounted to the wall with double-sided adhesive strips or hooks.

Kids room
6. Add easy, accessible storage to a kids room. Hang one-tiered magazine racks to the wall with removable adhesive strips.
7. A sitting tiered rack makes the perfect homework station for kids. Label each slot with To Do and Finished so they can keep on track.

8. Repurpose a sitting slot rack as a creative way to store bathroom towels and linens.
9. Use a hanging tiered rack with large slots to consolidate toilet paper and other bathroom essentials.

10. A sitting one-slot rack rested on its side is a great way to organize your vanity and makeup. Hang a metal hanging tiered rack to hold your hot hair tools, like a straightener and hair dryer.

11. Mount a hanging tiered rack to your fence or in your shed to organize your gardening tools and accessories.

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