3 Ways to Make Chocolate Decorations | Cake Decorating

3 Ways to Make Chocolate Decorations | Cake Decorating

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So I’m going to take my chocolate that’s already tempered and that’s just cooled down, and I’m going to put a little bit of it right onto my acetate sheet, my transfer sheet, and just take a small offset spatula and just spread it. You’re looking for a very thin layer, not too thin that it will break, but just thin enough. Imagine like a piece of thin brittle like a candy. Just spread it all over.

What I’ll do is pop this in the fridge once I’ve spread it out really nice and thinly, and it’ll set up within, I’d say, five, ten minutes, you’ll have a really nice sheet of chocolate to work off of. You don’t have to fuss too much with it. Just make sure it’s nice and even. And one is ready to go.

Now, for the other I’m going to make a little bit of like a chocolate squiggly design. So, I’m going to take a little bit of my chocolate right into my cornet and you can see it just goes right to the bottom. I’m going to take it and fold it over, and I have a really cute little cone.

This is also great if you want to write people’s names on birthday cakes. You just write happy birthday with the little chocolate cone. Just snip the tip and you can go as wide or as kind of small as you want to.

All I’m going to do is just make cute little kind of squiggly designs. When they’re set I’m going to break these up and put them in shards kind of on top of my cake. It’s going to be really beautiful lace to put around. So easy, incredibly easy, but it looks really cool.

So that’s it for that. You want to do enough that it’s not going to break on you, so a good layer of squiggle, a very technical term. That is it. So, all of these chocolate designs I’m going to pop in the fridge or the freezer until they’re nice and firm and set. Then I’ll take them off of these transfer sheets and put them on some cakes, and you’ll see some really beautiful designs.

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