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Baking is a very creative but difficult process, especially for people who are new to cooking and are looking for ways to get creative through their cooking. In this video, we wanted to help you bake some delicious treats that are extremely easy to create especially if you are a beginner.

– You can make a delicious apple pie that will only take you a few minutes to prepare. Firstly, you thinly slice your apples and place them on top of each other – side by side on top of your long stripped puff pastry. Then, you sprinkle some icing sugar on top and then you fold the apple inside the pastry as we demonstrate in the video. Then you roll them into a rose and finally, you put them in the oven for 20 minutes. You then take them out, sprinkle some more powder sugar on top and then you pour your favorite syrup on top.

– For those who love to enjoy a delicious chocolate croissant in the morning, we show you a great way to achieve it very easily. You take a puff pastry and you place a slice of chocolate in the middle. Then you cut the sides of the pastry diagonally and you fold them on top of your chocolate piece. You then apply some egg wash on top and sprinkle some hazelnuts. Finally, you place it in the oven and voila. A delicious croissant.

– If you are looking for a way to make bow shaped cookies we demonstrate the best way. You take your cookie dough and you cut it in squares. Then you pinch each square in the middle to create the little bows that you can then bake.

– We also show you an awesome recipe to make a delicious Cinnamon roll using basic ingredients that you probably have in your cupboard. This one is a healthy delicious treat that you can eat for breakfast or after lunch.

Watch out the whole video to discover many more delicious treats and recipes that you can try. For example, how to make chocolate coffee cookies, or how to make a delicious chocolate twist. In addition, we show you easy ways to decorate your cookies if you are a beginner baker.
0:35 – How to make a chocolate croissant
1:57 – How to make a cinnamon roll
3:23 – How to make a chocolate twist
4:08 – Pastry recipes
5:50 – How to decorate your cookies
6:22 – Sugar paste designs
6:51 – How to decorate your cakes
11:35 – Delicious gingerbread cookies
13:01 – How to make jam-filled cookies
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