Buying Tips for Cast Iron

Buying Tips for Cast Iron

Our top picks for old cast iron: Griswold, Wagner and Wardway. Be careful when searching for these because the price can sometimes be high.

Top picks for new cast iron: Field Company and Lodge.

As Seen in this video:

Lodge 12″ deep Dutch oven:
Lodge 12″ shallow Dutch oven:

Recommended new skillet:

Size Conversions:

12″ deep Dutch oven = 8 qts
12″ shallow = 6 qts
10″ deep = 5 qts
10″ shallow = 4 qts

Additional Info:

10″ shallow: holds 8 biscuits (2 1/2″)
12″ shallow: 12
12″ deep: 10

Cakes (depth in oven with a 9×13″ recipe)
10″ shallow: 2″ thick
12″ shallow: 1 1/4″ thick
12″ deep: 1″ thick


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