[Christmas Baking 圣诞烘培] Fruit Mince Recipe 甜果馅 | Huang Kitchen

[Christmas Baking 圣诞烘培] Fruit Mince Recipe 甜果馅 | Huang Kitchen

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Homemade Christmas Fruit Mince, also known as Christmas Mincemeat is the perfect ingredient for all Christmas baking and makes such a lovely gift even by itself. You can actually buy some very good mincemeat but when it is homemade it really is something else and once you make it yourself, you’ll never want to have store bought mincemeat anymore.

A christmas classic, this Christmas Fruit Mince is made using a variety of fresh, dried and candied fruits. These fruits simmered over low heat in a flavourful mixture of butter, fruit juice, brown sugar, rum, lemon and orange zest and ground spices. Also, this christmas mincemeat can be used the very next day after it’s made, or refrigerated for later use. Perfect for last minute baking!

Note: For those avoiding liquor, use pineapple juice flavoured with almond extract (to replace light rum) or molasses thinned with pineapple juice and flavoured with almond extract (to replace dark rum).



不食用酒的朋友们,可以用凤梨汁混合杏仁精 (来代替淡朗姆酒)或用凤梨汁调稀的糖蜜,再用杏仁精调味(来代替黑朗姆酒)。

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