Freezer BAKING With The GIRLS | Australian Family Vlog

Freezer BAKING With The GIRLS | Australian Family Vlog

There’s only 120 left until our Disney World holiday! We are so excited and counting down every single day. How is it that time seems to go so fast yet so slow at the same time?
Elijah now has his resume all ready and applies online for a job at Maccas.
Join the girls as they bake for school lunches for the week. 6 cakes and still its only enough for the week!

Our family situation:

Caleb’s YouTube Channel for his Animations:


Our children are growing up so fast, and change everyday, right before our eyes. We all agreed we’d like to make the most of our time together and capture as much of their child hood as possible. Join us as we vlog daily through our everyday, ordinary lives.

One of a dozen is our family of twelve, including: Dad (Troy – 40), Mum (Rachel – 35), Sebastian (newborn), Elliott (17 months), Ebony (10), Identical twins Jade and Rori (10), Baden (11), Caleb (13), Elijah (15), Ethan (16), and Jaiden (17).

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“Bubblegum” by Declan DP Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0 Unported

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