How to Use Microwave Oven Complete Beginners Guide Urdu 2019

How to Use Microwave Oven Complete Beginners Guide Urdu 2019

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Solo Microwave Oven

microwave is the short name of microwave oven these both are same things. microwave ko hi microwave oven bhi kehtay hyn yeh dono same chezyn hyn.

Solo microwave ovens are basic models or entry level models in microwave oven category. In solo ovens there’s nothing except a magnetron — high voltage devices that produce ultra-high frequency (UHF) electromagnetic radiation. Solo microwave oven is cheaper compared to other microwave models like grill and convection. Solo microwave oven cannot be used for grilling and baking purposes. They are best suited for simple microwave only operations, simple cooking reheating and defrosting of frozen food items. Solo microwave oven provides uniform heating.

Solo Microwave Oven Use magnetron to generate microwave radiations to heat food items.

Things we can make in Microwave Oven
Boil Potatotes
Boil Milk
Make Tea
Boil Rice

Utensil In Microwave Oven
Heat Resistant Plastic
Heat Resistant Glass
Heat Resistant Ceramic Without Gold and Silver Coating

done not use Steel Utensils in Microwave Oven.



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