KITCHEN and COOKING vocabulary – English lesson

KITCHEN and COOKING vocabulary – English lesson

In this English vocabulary lesson, you will learn several words and expressions related to the kitchen, cooking and food and drink.

For each English word and expression, you will learn the meaning and definition as well as the detailed explanation with example sentences. There are photographs and illustrations for each Engish word and expression.

This lesson was presented by Andrew, a qualified native British English teacher with over 10 years experience of teaching English.

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Photo credits by
“stove, oven, microwave” by
“sink” by
“can opened” by

Photo credits by Wikimedia:
“Oven glove” Image courtesy of Lymantria / license: CC-BY-SA-3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo credits by
“Burning Stove” by rarrarorro
“Frying Pan” by James Barker
“Black Plastic Spatula Front On White Background” by Keerati
“whisk” by Keerati
“Peeling A Potato With Peeler On White” by artur84
“Modern Toaster Appliance” by membio
“Bangkok, Thailand – September 1, 2012: Classic Bottle Of Coca-cola” by num_skyman
“Red Cup” by thawats

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