Korean Mozzarella Cheese Ball from scratch : No Bake Recipe 홈메이드 모짜렐라 치즈볼 | SweetHailey

Korean Mozzarella Cheese Ball from scratch : No Bake Recipe 홈메이드 모짜렐라 치즈볼 | SweetHailey

Hello viewers! Today’s recipe is Korean Mozzarella Cheese Ball from scratch.
It’s crunchy and chewy outside, warm and flavorful cheese inside of it.

You can see cheese ball, especially from BHC(the chicken restaurant in Korea) in lots of mukbang.
In Korea, people are making a copycat of that with selling glutinous-doughnut pre-mix.
But because of it’s product form Korea, so If you are not live in here, it’s hard to find. So I thought why not show you guys how to make cheese ball without pre-mix!
It’s not perfectly same taste and texture, mine is more crunchy texture than BHC one.

For water, I wrote 60~80ml. Amount of water is really making difference with what brand of glutinous flour is, and what atmosphere you make.
If your dough is too dry, it’s hard to roll the dough with mozzarella cheese. It easily breaks apart.
And If it’s too wet, It has another problem.
The dough has to be like baby’s butt… you know? 😭
I can’t fully explain about it, but it has to be moist like proper bread dough!

Another important ingredient is salt.
Glutinous flour is not like normal wheat flour(I mean, bread flour, all-purpose flour etc…).
If you don’t add it, it tastes like nothing. No taste at all 😂

I added only mozzarella cheese, but with adding little bit of cream cheese, it will better.
Mozzarella cheese can substitute with string cheese 🙂

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100g(2/3cup) glutinous flour
25g(2 1/2Tbsp) all-purpose flour
2g(1/4tsp) salt
15g(1Tbsp) sugar
0.5g(1/8tsp) baking powder
15g(1Tbsp) unsalted butter
60~80ml(1/3~1/4cup) hot water

Mozzarella cheese

1. In a bowl, mix well with adding glutinous flour, all-purpose flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder.
2. Add little amount of hot water and mix. If it gets crumbly, add butter and mix with your hand (not knead, really)
3. Add water and mix until it clumps into a dough. And rest the dough for about 30 min.
4. Cut the mozzarella cheese into a cube shape.
5. Divide the dough for about 20~25g (1 heaping Tbsp) and roll with mozzarella cube.
6. Put the oil 160~170C / 320~340F and frying for about 7~8min, until golden brown.


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